St. Louis Police: Man Asks Teenager for Cigarette, Attacks Him, Stabs Him in Neck

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Police say that a man in his twenties approached a teenager in south St. Louis over the weekend and asked him for a cigarette.

The seventeen-year-old male responded that it would cost him 35 cents -- a reply which apparently angered the man, who then followed the teen into a store in the Carondolet neighborhood at around 11:30 p.m. Sunday night.

The suspect, police say, proceeded to pick up a sign and throw it at the victim, hitting him straight in the head.

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Apparently not satisfied with this attack, he continued fighting him in the parking lot outside the store, eventually pulling out a knife.

Police say he stabbed the teenager in the back of the neck -- and then fled from the scene, which was at the 500 block of Bates Street.

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500 block of Bates Street.

The teenager was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

Police say the suspect is a "black male, 20s, 5'7" tall, 215 lbs, dark complexion wearing tank top black shorts and shoes."

For what it's worth, this is not the first time Daily RFT has written about an incredibly violent assault over a cigarette in the city of St. Louis this year. In April, one man allegedly broke a plate over another man's head during a dispute regarding a cigarette. In May, a man beat another man with a mallet after fighting about the whereabouts of a lighter, cops reported.

Here's the full report from metro police on the latest cigarette assault incident:

Incident: Assault 1st
Location: 500 block of Bates
Date/Time: 9/1/13 @ 23:30
Victim: 17-year old white male
Suspect: black male, 20s, 5'7" tall, 215 lbs, dark complexion wearing tank top black
shorts and shoes
The victim was approached by the suspect on the store parking lot asking for a cigarette. The victim advised the suspect it would cost him 35 cents. The suspect began to argue with the victim and the victim entered the store. The suspect entered the store, picked up a sign and threw it at the victim, striking him in the head. The suspect then left the store with the victim following him. Both victim and suspect began fighting on the lot. The suspect, during the fight, stabbed the victim in back of the neck. The suspect ran from the scene. The victim was transported to area hospital where he is listed as stable. The investigation is ongoing.

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Michael Mahler
Michael Mahler

What is happening to people? No compassion, no respect, no regard... people suck.

Mark Swain
Mark Swain

Sounds like a guy that lives on our block.

Ron Tinsley
Ron Tinsley

if he would of had a CCW im sure the story would of had a different ending. We live in a Dangerous world and its only getting worse. what a shame this story is.

Robert Tillman
Robert Tillman

just what the hell is wrong with you people have you no concern, a teenager has lost his life because some worthless s o b stabbed him to death and you all seem to be accepting it saying shit like it's the grand scheme of things,making jokes about nicotine withdrawal and petty useless lives. Have you considered that e has a mother and father who are grieving the lost of their son, other family members and friends. First of all you don't know a damn thing about that young man and yet you brush his death aside like it's confetti you all need to check yourselves because come judgement day it won't be funny when you all are burning in hell.

Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

Not that bizarre for St. Louis. Bizarre for St. Louis would be if the guy just said thank you smiled and then walked away.

Phil Lampe
Phil Lampe

^ aren't all out lives "petty" in the grand scheme of things?

Casey Kohler
Casey Kohler

This city is filled with so many petty, useless lives.


@Robert Tillman Thankfully he is not dead - he is in stable condition at the hospital.


@StorySlug @RiverfrontTimes That's all you have to say?  An unarmed boy is attacked for not giving one of his cigarettes away and all you have to contribute is that "smoking is bad for you?"  How about living in St. Louis is bad for you?

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