6 Cardinals-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

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Photos by Jon Gitchoff for the Riverfront Times
By Halloween night, the St. Louis Cardinals will either be the winners or the losers of the 2013 World Series.

Either way, we're expecting some epic Cardinals-themed Halloween costumes. (Now, if only we could find some Cardinals-themed jokes to tell! Help us out and leave yours in the comments.)

Here are six of our favorite Cardinals costumes, spotted during Game 3:

1. Wacha Wacha Fozzie Bear
This is a tough costume to pull off, but it's oh so worth it! Get ready for a night of Redbird fans yelling, "Wacha Wacha!" as they give you high fives in honor of the rookie MVP.


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2. Go Cardinals Air Dancer
No longer shall air-dancing inflatables only be used to promote car washes and mattress sales. Put a human inside and root for the Birds!


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egolterman topcommenter

Banjo Players in straw hats.  The Cardinals brought banjos to the series-not bats


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Philip E. Rachford
Philip E. Rachford

An old favorite of mine: What kind of bees produce milk? Wait for it.... Wait for it.... Boo Bees!

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