Best and Worst Cardinals' World Series Memories

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2006: We Are in the Series? We Are in the Series!!!!
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    The Redbirds back into the playoffs, making the postseason only because the second-place Houston Astros fail to win their final game of the season. The Cardinals will go on to win the championship despite having the lowest winning percentage (.518) of any World Series winner in history. But, hey, a ring is a ring, right?
  • Game 2 of the World Series brings with it more intrigue than the JFK assassination as armchair conspiracy theorists swear that TV cameras catch the Detroit Tigers' pitcher Kenny Rogers wiping the baseball with a foreign substance. Was it pine tar? Petroleum jelly? A boogie? The world will never know. It is, however, the only game the Tigers win in the series.
  • A photo of Chris Duncan emerges from the Cardinals clubhouse showing him fondling the championship trophy. Riverfront Times will repurpose and manipulate the image countless times for a column titled What's Chris Duncan Dry-Humping this Week?

2011: Squirrely Times
Rally Squirrel crosses of Skip Schumaker's foot in the NLDS.
  • Rally Squirrel becomes the unofficial mascot of the 2011 postseason after a rodent runs across the Busch Stadium turf during the NLDS and the Cardinals go on to advance to the NLCS and the World Series.
  • Albert Pujols hits three home runs in Game 3 of the championship, a conquest hailed as the "greatest individual hitting performance of World Series history."
  • The series, though, belongs to David Freese. In Game 6 in St. Louis the Texas Rangers are one out away from winning the championship when the Cardinals third baseman hits a triple to tie the game. Freese returns two innings later to hit a walkoff home run. Announcer Joe Buck ends with the same call his father, Jack, made when Kirby Puckett ended Game 6 of the 1991 World Series with a walkoff home run. "We will see you tomorrow night."
    Warning: The following video may induce goosebumps.

  • That next night the Cardinals beat the (still) shell-shocked Rangers by a score of 6 to 2.

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