Cardinals Fan Gives Pittsburgh News Anchor Kiss of Death After Pirates Loss

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Screengrab WorldStarNewsHD4
Kiss of death, baby.
Update: Our helpful readers have ID'd the mystery woman as Ashurii Giru. We asked her if she had anything to add and she wrote back simply, "Love it!"

After a decisive Game 5 victory over the Pirates, Cardinals fans were feeling jubilant and rowdy last night outside Busch Stadium.

WTAE-TV Pittsburgh news anchor Guy Junker was doing an admirable job ignoring the St. Louis fans' best efforts to derail his report, until one red-haired lady managed to break his concentration with a kiss.


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Check it out:

Though news anchors are often pushed over the edge by broadcast-bombing drunks, it doesn't look like Junker really minded:

Screengrab WorldStarNewsHD4

Another victim of Cardinal Nation's seductive powers. Meanwhile, the Birds go on to face the Dodgers on Friday.

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