Daisy Coleman: Robert Rice Asks Judge To Choose New Prosecutor In Teen Rape Case

Here's a video of Rice's full press conference. Skip to 3:14 for his opening statement.

Video streaming by Ustream

And here's another portion of CNN's interview with Daisy Coleman and her mother.

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Interesting! Nodaway County is "currently experiencing issues with our website." They have ticked off a few people with their handling of this case. It's lovely that the prosecutor was so quick to blame the failure of the case on the victims. What a steaming pile...

Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips

Total political corruption in NW Missouri, all the way to the corrupt congressman. His brother was so corrupt as a federal prosecutor, Kit Bond (part of the same political party) saw to it that he was fired.

Robert A. West
Robert A. West

The Kansas City Star investigation seems to make a fairly strong case for the girls, and as far as I know the Star didn't have any motivations other than to get the story right.


Rape happens and it is wrong.  False rape accusations also happen, and they are wrong.  It is not hard to imagine that youthful indiscretion (read "consent") by both young men and women would result in devastating embarrassment and a desire to restore one's good name within the community, especially a community like Nodaway County, MO.  As a group Anonymous has a bad track record of choosing pet causes and leveling accusations against those innocent until proven guilty.  The facts will come out, but don't let your zeal for smashing the patriarchy blind you to the fact that the reason this case was dropped might not be political, but because there wasn't anything there.

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