Gun Shop Raffles AR-15 to Raise Funds for Veterans Affected by PTSD

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Randy Couture

Giving away an AR-15 painted with the colors of the American flag to benefit American soldiers suffering from PTSD might strike some as controversial. But Fields says it shouldn't be.

"It's an inanimate object. Whether you support guns or you don't, it's the person," he says. "And obviously I understand that some people will not like firearms, but it is our Second Amendment right."

Fields served 13 years in the Army, including two deployments to Iraq, and has dealt with PTSD himself. What matters to him, he says, is to help today's veterans.

"My personal goal with this program is to try and raise awareness and to remind veterans that they are supported, they are appreciated for what they did," he says. "And I'll do whatever I can, whether it be raising money for them or going to events that supports them."

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