Luke Lamb: Snarky Anti-Establishment Activist Gets Away With Overpass Protest (VIDEO)

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Luke Lamb used this image during his campaign for the Greene County Board. (He won.) And yes, those the are the goose-stepping hammers from The Wall.

Luke Lamb admits that he's kind of a wise-ass. Heck, he's the same guy who chanted "Run! Run! Run! Run!" at an off-duty cop in 2011 whom he had filmed drinking before driving away in a patrol car. (That incident caused the St. Louis County Police to change its alcohol policy.)

So what's Lamb been up to? The first interesting news is that he's now an elected member of the Greene County Board. The second is that on Saturday he talked his way out of getting arrested by Illinois State Police for hanging a giant banner over an overpass. The banner urged motorists to "Impeach Obama Now," "Fly Congress The Bird," and to "Repeal Mark Kirk."

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Behold: Luke Lamb's protest against everyone.

Lamb tells Daily RFT that he purposely chose an overpass near the Ashland/Alexander exit on I-72 because it had very little traffic. He had hoped to avoid the kind of police attention similar protests have attracted in the past. In August two anti-Obama protesters were arrested during an overpass demonstration near I-70 in St. Charles. Police justified the arrests at the time by insisting the signs were distracting drivers and causing accidents. Ultimately, no charges were filed.

Lamb arrived at the overpass at 1 p.m., and at 2:45 an Illinois state trooper crashed the protest party. The trooper requested that Lamb take his sign and get off the bridge. Lamb refused. The trooper asked for his name. Lamb refused, and asked the trooper to show him the statute that says hanging a sign over an overpass is a crime. The trooper called for backup.

Still sassing, Lamb asked the trooper: "What's he going to do? Violate my rights too?"

Here's the first part of Lamb's video:

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The video shows Lamb trying to start some conversation as they waited for the backup to arrive, but most of that dialogue ended in Lamb badgering the trooper about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and soforth. And always with the backtalk:

"You have a chance to be a hero right now and you're not doing it," Lamb said. When he was later asked what name he wanted to be addressed by, Lamb replied: "Ron Paul."

Once the backup arrived, though, Lamb told Daily RFT that he resigned himself to the fact that he was going to be arrested.

But then a third Illinois state trooper showed up. This one, however, was a grizzled-looking sergeant who matter-of-factly told Lamb to make sure the sign didn't fall off the overpass and to not impede traffic. And that was that.

From the video, it appears the sergeant was not pleased with how the other two troopers handled the situation. Not pleased at all.

Here's the video of Lamb being let off the hook:

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I hope Luke continues to video the faces of the officers and state the names of who allows him to "commit a victimless crime." I want to know exactly who all is responsible when one of the signs falls and lands on a windshield, causing a fatal crash killing innocent people. Hope you don't accidentally drop one while hanging it.


The citizen on the overpass was right the entire time. Here is why. The ordinance he quoted was incomplete. The phrase unauthorized was never defined. Well here is the ordinace the officer pretended to quote completely.

. (625 ILCS 5/11-310) (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 11-310) 
Sec. 11-310. Display of Unauthorized Signs, Signals or Markings. 
(a) No person shall place, maintain or display upon or in view of any highway any unauthorized sign, signal, marking, or device which purports to be or is an imitation of or resembles an official traffic-control device or railroad sign or signal, or which attempts to direct the movement of traffic, or which hides from view or interferes with the movement of traffic or the effectiveness of an official traffic-control device or any railroad sign or signal. 
(b) No person shall place or maintain nor shall any public authority permit upon any highway any traffic sign or signal bearing thereon any commercial advertising. 
(c) Every such prohibited sign, signal or marking is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and the authority having jurisdiction over the highway is hereby empowered to remove the same or cause it to be removed without notice. 
(d) No person shall sell or offer for sale any traffic control device to be used on any street or highway in this State which does not conform to the requirements of this Chapter. 
(e) This Section shall not be deemed to prohibit the erection upon private property adjacent to highways of signs giving useful directional information and of a type that cannot be mistaken for official signs. 
(f) This Section shall not be deemed to prohibit the erection of Illinois Adopt-A-Highway signs by municipalities, townships, or counties as provided in the Illinois Adopt-A-Highway Act. 
(g) Any person failing to comply with this Section shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. 
(Source: P.A. 87-1118.)

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