Marina Shifrin, Mizzou Journalism Grad, Quits Thankless Job Via Viral Dance Video

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I am not saying that all journalism is bad. I am saying that most popular "journalism" is bad. You can't blame the writers, though, we're scared into it. We're the ones writing the stories about the poor job market, we're the ones sitting in classes that have adopted the motto, "Journalism is dead." That's why when we find a job that remotely carries even just the slightest essence of journalism we gently bend at the waist, place our elbows upon our desk and let the Clicks have their way with our posterior.

I've done it. I was pissed when someone else got to the "Miley Cyrus Twerking" story before I did.

Not surprisingly, Shifrin's video began going viral over the weekend. And that's when her bosses found it. Although she planned to work for the whole month before leaving, she was told not to bother.

"'I saw this link. Your resignation is accepted,'" Shifrin quotes her immediate boss telling her. "They weren't thrilled with me, but I will say they paid my full salary for October. And asked me not to come in."

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The irony here is that the video, which has been featured everywhere from Gawker to Huffington Post to news sites in Australia and the UK, is currently up to 4 million views. After being hounded for months to produce more content to go viral, Shifrin actually succeeded!

"For them, anything that's viral you post. So it was like, 'OK, then you guys should respect the fact I'm going to make a viral video,'" she says.

Now that the yoke of viral-video-making has been lifted, Shifrin is on her way back to the States to try to make it in standup comedy and plans move back to New York. We've asked her to give us a shout once she comes through St. Louis and if she stops by her alma mater.

Asked if she had anything to add, Shifrin says simply, "Go Tigers!"

P.S. In case you were wondering what her most successful video at NMA was up until her "Gone" clip, Shifrin recommends this one:

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