Marina Shifrin: Former Bosses Respond to Mizzou Grad's Viral Quitting Video

Marina Shifrin's former team at Next Media Animation.
Marina Shifrin -- the former Mizzou journalism student who quit her job on Friday by posting a video of herself dancing in her office to Kanye West -- has gone super viral. Her video has been viewed almost 10 million times. It's been written about on more than 300 news sites (including this one).

However, her former employer, Next Media Animation in Taiwan, was certainly not going to take that lying down. After all, they're in the business of making viral videos, and so it's no surprise that they've responded with a video of its own. And even though it tries to be as lighthearted as Shifrin's, it's clear that some feelings have gotten hurt along the way.

"I actually like Marina a great deal. Marina herself has said we are a great company to work for," wrote Mark Simon, commercial director of NMA, in a letter to Gawker. "I do not think she intended to hurt anyone, but it has happened."

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Here's what Shifrin's former coworkers put together (below that is an embed of Shifrin's original video, in case you missed it):

Daily RFT called Shifrin back on the Skype number we reached her on a couple days ago, but the number has been disconnected. In our original conversation, she made very clear that she liked the people she worked for, and that this was not a hate-quit, just more of a crazy-quit.

"I have no ill will toward the company. Some people are taking it that way," she told Daily RFT. "I was just ready to go, and I was tired of working this night shift."

Despite that, NMA's Simon wrote to Gawker that Shifrin's life was not terrible, noting that:

  • She made $42,000.
  • She was paid a differential of 30 percent for working the night shift.
  • All reporters are expected to work one month on the night shift.
  • She went on trips to Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Thailand and New York in a nine month span.

That all seems to be offered up to say "we are not a sweatshop" -- as is the shot of that rooftop pool in the video -- though to be fair, Shifrin never accused them of that. We reached out to NMA and will update if they get back to us, but here's another snippet of the Gawker letter:

I am not looking to slam her, nor am I engaged in anything but trying to help some other managers in their early 30's, understand why the young lady they hung out with just cashiered them. I don't think she meant for it to be seen as so harsh, but we are getting some nasty attacks on our managers, who she says she respects.

Though we couldn't contact Shifrin today, here's what she tweeted in response to the story:

So...what do you think? Was Shifrin unduly harsh for posting the video, or does this all seem to be in good fun?

Only one thing is clear -- this is obviously the best dancer out of all of them:

NMAWorldEdition screengrab

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She says "for almost two years, I've sacrificed my relationships, time and energy for this job.  And my boss only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets."

I would put it a different way:  The boss pays her $42,000 in a very down economy, a generous night shift differential and interesting travel, all in an industry that most kids would give their mouse hands to be involved in.  And she resents being asked for her time and energy.

I thought that video was interesting story at first.  Now, we find that it is just another spoiled, self-aggrandizing child.

Susie Nicholson
Susie Nicholson

Touche!! I like the hiring video more than the quitting one. Well done!


One day at my job my car was urinated on by a homeless person, while I was driving. I was chased by a guy. I had 911 call my phone and tell me to get the hell out of where ever I was because a man had called them and said he was coming to get me.  This girl is pathetic. No hardworking person would do this. Hire me. I will dance to work everyday I get to make videos for a living.

Ron Finger
Ron Finger

Pretty much everyone associated with the University of Missouri "J" school is a douche.

Brad Yeager
Brad Yeager

The whole thing smells fishy to me. Bear in mind that I think the government found the cure for cancer decades ago, so...

Kate Tabers
Kate Tabers

Hahahaha! At least they had a sense of humor about it! I love it!


@wolf73b You got to understand that 42,000 NTD a month in Taiwan Taipei is actually not high... Also, it is actually the basic salary for company in Taiwan to hire a foreigner. I have done paper work for my Taiwan company to hire foreign employee, and I got to said 42,000 is standard, and tax is about 30%, which, after you pay for your housing and food in Taiwan, you pretty much don't save much. 


@wolf73b Its a sad world where you have been conditioned to think that what that company has to offer its employees for work, pay, time, ect is something you should be grateful for. Just because the economy is bad that excuses corporations from cheating its staff while paying obscene amounts to barely working upper echelon ?? Wake up man!

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