Photos: 10 Adorable (And Adoptable) Kitties Celebrate National Cat Day!

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Facebook/St. Louis Pet Rescue
You can't hide it: You love cats.

Can you really resist touching the soft, fine fur atop a tabby's head? Will you suppress your delight when Mr. Fatty McWhiskerbottom slides past your leg oh-so-causally? Don't fight it. You do love cats. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

So, in honor of National Cat Day (check your cat-lender), Daily RFT is here to nurture everyone's latent kitty-cat affections. The "holiday" was founded in 2005 to promote cat adoption, and St. Louis boasts hundreds of sweet felines in need loving homes and/or willing human slaves.

We've picked out our favorite purring pretties available for adoption from local organizations and shelters, and there's no better time to adopt than right now, just before winter.

Just imagine: You could have a bundle of soft, warm fur sitting on your lap, purring and keeping you warm come January. Doesn't that sound perfect?

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1. Astro

Humane Society of Missouri

2. Ben

Animal Protective Association of Missouri

3. Professor

Humane Society of Missouri

4. Flicka

Tenth Life Cat Rescue

St. Louis Zoo Bonus "Cat": Look at this sleepy lion. (No, you can't adopt him.)


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