Off-Duty St. Charles Deputy Shoots Three Alleged Muggers: Kills One, Injures Other Two

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Jamal Robinson, twenty, was shot in the neck while allegedly part of a group that tried to mug an off-duty St. Charles deputy.
Three alleged would-be muggers chose the wrong man to rob last week.

Last Monday, a 36-year-old off-duty St. Charles sheriff deputy shot three men who allegedly tried to rob him in Forest Park, killing one and wounding the other two, according to a press release.

Police say the 16-year veteran was out jogging with a 23-year-old female acquaintance after 11 p.m. The two stopped at the corner of the Grand Basin. That's when a black male walked slowly past the pair, raising the deputy's suspicions. Fearing for their safety, the deputy put his gun at his side.

The deputy's suspicions were validated when they turned a corner to find three black males in their late teens to early twenties, dressed in hoodies and dark clothing and armed with a gun.

The deputy fired first, hitting all three men.

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Three of the deputy's shots struck Antonio Nash in the gut, killing the eighteen-year-old from the 2700 block of Kingshighway.

Joshua Hunter, twenty, of the 5600 block of Delmar Boulevard, was struck in the buttock. He was transported to a local hospital and is listed in critical/stable condition. Jamaal Robinson, also twenty and of the 5600 block of Delmar Boulevard, was hit in the neck. He is listed in guarded/stable condition.

No other injuries were reported.

Police say they recovered suspects' gun and that the investigation is ongoing.

Here's KSDK's report.

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whateveryousay topcommenter

Great job officer! Three up and three down.  Unfortunately, the fourth just walked away. 

You sir, deserve a Starbucks and cronut. 


Why is it hard for anti-CCW and anti-gun people to fathom that carrying a weapon can fundamentally deter...even stop crimes from occurring?  Criminals, although stupid, aren't so dumb that they don't fear getting into a gun fight, just like everyone else.  Now suppose you were a criminal in a hypothetical state that allows consitutional carry (look it up) and has a population of whom over 80% are gun owners.  What do you think your chances would be that a potential victim is armed?  Their friends are armed?  Everyone potential victim around you is armed?  You could escalate, but certainly not enough to shrug off the statistically much greater chance you're killed or injured.  Let's also not forget that now your lesser crime of robbery will escalate to a capital murder charge...almost every single time.

Criminals must get the message loud and clear.  CITIZENS ARE THE POLICE, fuck with anyone, and you will have a fight coming every single time.


@12judges A COP is a Citizen of the City State and Country. I like Citizen On Patrol=COP  even though it was used in Police academy movies still rings true

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