Phineas the Dog is Alive and Back With His Family, Says Attorney

Joe Simon
The Sanders family with Phineas in a photo said to have been taken recently.
Phineas, the dog who was accused of biting a seven-year-old girl, put on doggy death row, and then stolen from the shelter where he was imprisoned, has been found alive and well.

Joe Simon, the attorney and advocate who has been handling the family's effort to save their beloved pet, wrote on his Facebook page that Phineas was dropped off at a "safe house," but revealed few details.

Simon tells Daily RFT that the safe house is in "rural Missouri," but said he couldn't give any other information because Phineas might still be in danger.

"You can tell there's still animosity towards this dog from some people involved in the situation," Simon says. "We just sort of feel for the dog's safety and now that we got him back, we're gonna make sure that, at least for the time being until things calm down, that we keep him hidden."

The return of Phineas came one day after he was exonerated by Salem judge Scott Bernstein, who wrote in a decision that the dog was not guilty of biting the seven-year-old girl and could be returned to his owners.

Phineas was clearly kidnapped by somebody who wanted to save Phineas from a possible death sentence and then return him to his family once it was safe.

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So who is this benevolent dognapper?

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Just DROP IT SALEM and SALEM POLICE!  This case caused HEARTACHE not only to the Sanders family but every DOG LOVER in a radius of news on this case! Just look at these comments! Enough DAMAGE has been done not only to the family but the public as well who were helpless to offer any assistance! LEAVE IT SALEM!!! The people who took Phineas DID THE RIGHT THING, something that can't be said for Salem's Mayor Brown!!! Whether they went against this KANGAROO HILLBILLY COURT, a lot of people, if given the opportunity to remove Phineas to save him, would have done it, I know I would have!!! I just hope the people of Salem are more cautious of the people they elect into office in the future!, I'd hate to see what happens in this" small town" in more important issues regarding "death row" inmates!

David J. McCutcheon
David J. McCutcheon

Nah, he didn't kick the dog in the head and call it a "wicked ***" so it couldn't have been a Boston fan. Maybe it was Santa Claus?

Andrew D'Angelo
Andrew D'Angelo

Won't investigate the Mayor or that POS family that conspired with him...but all up in arms to arrest who stole PHINEAS?? Figures...they are just a bunch of hillbillies anyway...

Leslee Brown
Leslee Brown

So happy for a great outcome. God certainly does love Phineas and his family :)

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