Photos: Westboro Baptist Church Protests at World Series For Some Reason

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Danny Wicentowski
Dave Winter, professional clown and haunted-house actor, needed just a few words to describe the Westboro Baptist Church.

"They're a special kind of fucked up."

Daily RFT isn't sure there's better way to characterize the hate-fueled antics of the Topeka, Kansas-based church, which sends protesters across the country to spread the word of God's indiscriminate hatred. So it's not a major shock they visited their nauseating brand of goofy bigotry on Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday.

Thankfully a couple dozen counterprotesters, like Winters, gave the Westboro Baptist Church a hearty St. Louis "reception," and Daily RFT was on the scene to capture the showdown. Enjoy!

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Danny Wicentowski
Dave Winters, a veteran of the Darkness, went full zombie clown on Saturday to counter the Westboro Baptist Church.

Danny Wicentowski

Danny Wicentowski

Danny Wicentowski
Anonymous, which has already made a name for itself in Missouri, made a showy appearance on Saturday.

Danny Wicentowski

Danny Wicentowski
The man on the left is holding an end of a large rainbow banner that was used to 'hide' the WBC protesters from public view.

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