Probation Worker Accused of Selling Cocaine to Judges Expected to Plead Guilty

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Former Judge Michael Cook
A St. Clair County probation worker who had been accused of repeatedly doing cocaine with two judges - one of whom died from a cocaine overdose - is expected to plead guilty to selling coke the men in robes were snorting.

Back in May, James K. Fogarty was charged in U.S. District Court in East St. Louis for "distribution and possession with intent to distribute cocaine," a charge that came about during an investigation into a widespread Belleville courthouse drug scandal that sounds like a middle-aged male version of Studio 54.

According to a May 25 report in the Post-Dispatch, Fogarty admitted to buying and re-selling cocaine to Associate Judge Joseph Christ and Circuit Judge Michael N. Cook

Fogarty had sold cocaine several times to Christ and Cook, who would get high on golfing trips and vacations at Cook's hunting lodge, where they apparently did lines of coke, shot animals.

But on May 10, the day after Fogarty sold Christ and Cook some more coke, the two judges went out to the lodge again and Christ died of a cocaine overdose.

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