Rams Will Update Fans on World Series Scores During Monday's Game

Dave Herholtz
Assuming (cross your fingers) that there is a Game 5 of this year's World Series AFTER THURSDAY NIGHT'S CARDINALS VICTORY, fans of the St. Louis Rams won't have to miss out.

The Cardinals v. Red Sox showdown will be on TVs in the concourse, and the Edward Jones Dome plans to put the score on the scoreboard, according to the stadium's ticketing office. The score will be announced during breaks in the game, including between quarters.

As tickets to Busch Stadium cost up to $16,000 and are long sold out, the dome is the next best place to take in Missouri sports. Dozens of Rams tickets are available on StubHub for less than $10.

Plus, if you go to the Rams game, you'll get a rally flag. Bonus!

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Edward Jones Dome

701 Convention Plaza St., St. Louis, MO

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Benjamin Scherliss
Benjamin Scherliss

Watch both, but if you want to turn your back on the Rams and "don't care," then you're an embarrassing fairweather fan. Further, if you think the Rams/NFL aren't relevant or important to our city and region, then you're a short-sighted fool who likely lives in out Wentzville anyhow.

Bill Bernickus
Bill Bernickus

Rams are going to get stomped on national TV. And Folks in Saint Louis will be watching the St. Louis Cardinals

Andrew Reece
Andrew Reece

Don't care. Rams will keep up their tradition of poor play and losing while the Cardinals clinch the World Series. I no longer care about the Rams. Especially after the way they've handled the Bradford injury. Poor organization. I will no longer support them.

Robin Gray
Robin Gray

I'd hardly think anyone will watch our losing football team over the Cards!

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