Senator Claire McCaskill and Staff on Lockdown Following Reported Shooting at U.S. Capitol

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Senator Claire McCaskill
Update 2 p.m.: Newbold says the "shelter" order has been lifted.

There are several reports out right now of shots fired outside the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. One of the first to confirm this was Senator Claire McCaskill, who tweeted that her office is on lockdown.

We were able to reach Andy Newbold in McCaskill's office who confirms they've been on lockdown for the past twenty minutes or so.

"We're being told to shelter in place," he says. "Close and lock doors, stay away from windows and wait."

Here's McCaskill's original tweet:

Newbold also told us that although McCaskill is not with him in her office -- she was attending a meeting with other senators at the time the lockdown went into effect -- she is "probably safer than anyone on the planet right now."

Details are scant at this time -- we'll update as the situation progresses.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

The cops fired the shots at an unarmed woman with a child, and Ms. McCaskill and staff hide in lockdown. Seems when only the police have the guns, we all die a little. Some die the hundreds death of a coward.

kangoids topcommenter

I love the way these comment pages lead to solid intellectual conversations between intelligent adults.

Let me know when that happens...

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

they used a protect her and her liberal buddies. ironic.

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