South St. Louis Man "Buried Alive" at Industrial Site, and No One Believes Him

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Stief insists he was not high on illegal drugs when he lost consciousness, though that's what police seem to suspect.

"[Police] said I was acting like I was on drugs. I might have been a little wobbly, but I was in a hot hole for three hours. I was in shock," Stief says.

Rather, Stief says he believes he was drugged by his attackers and had his best friend and neighbor, Brett Dagoberg, 31, scan his neck for puncture wounds.

Lindsay Toler
Brett Dagoberg checks his friend's neck for puncture wounds.
"Everyone assumes he was just high," Dagoberg says. "No he wasn't. Not that day."
Dagoberg seems to believe his friend unequivocally, saying Steif just isn't the type to make this up. They both resent the skepticism they face when they tell their story.

"I know it's fucked up, but this is south city," Dagoberg says. "Crazy shit happens down here."

Lindsay Toler
The hole where Robert Stief says he was trapped for hours.

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