"St. Louis Stronger" Was Almost a Thing

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Cardinal Nation sold the shirts through Booster, a fundraising site for nonprofits, school groups and other causes.

The shirt description is little help in understanding how such a controversial shirt could come to be. Rather, it comes across like a bad, poorly translated trip. Via

We are a "VOICE" - JACK who showed you every play every moment through the radio, through HIS eyes. We are a father, a son and a scorecard. We are a mother, daughter and a scorecard too.... And now momma' little boy and Nana's "Rocket" We are Yadi, Beltran, Wainwright, Holliday, Freese and Wacha Wacha Wacha. We are a hard nine. We are a kid, an old radio and a disregard for bedtimes. We are curtain calls and the Clydesdales. We are sac bunts, hitting the cutoff and 4-6-3.

Cardinals Nation removed the St. Louis Stronger shirts from its accounts, posting apologies on Facebook:

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