Ten Years Later, Lost Purse Shows Up Intact in Blueberry Hill Bathroom Ceiling

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The Elvis Room's women's restroom, where Lorre's purse was found in the ceiling.
Lorre learned of her found bag from Facebook. Mark Early, who was a DJ at the Royale when Lorre bartended there about ten years ago, posted on her wall that someone at Blueberry Hill was looking for her.

"The very fact that he was writing something to me on my wall was suspicious," Lorre says. "I mean, he's a great guy, but we're not really that close."

She tried to convince herself Early's message was spam, but she found herself calling Blueberry Hill anyway.

"I was like, 'This is the weirdest phone call you're going to get,'" and asked if he had found her ten-year-old bag. "The guy said, 'Yeah, we have it right here,'" Lorre says.

via Rose Lorre
Since Lorre has no plans to return to St. Louis anytime soon, Blueberry Hill says it'll mail the bag back to her, but the question remains: How did it get there in the first place?

One Blueberry Hill staffer asked Lorre if she hid it in the ceiling because the restaurant doesn't have a coat check.

"I wish I was that brilliant," Lorre says. "Who does that? Who gives a shit that Blueberry Hill doesn't have a coat check? It's not a steak house."

Note: When she lived in St. Louis, Lorre wrote for the Riverfront Times as a restaurant critic.

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Gary Greenlee
Gary Greenlee

Or maybe some type of recording device!!!!: + )

Gary Greenlee
Gary Greenlee

Was there any so called "Evidence DNA" linking anyone tpo it???LOL!!!!

Kathleen Krueger
Kathleen Krueger

Written by one of my former students! Lindsay Toler, you're everywhere !

Roger Gast
Roger Gast

maybe she forgot where she hid it has anyone gotten a hold of her??

Tony Loquasto
Tony Loquasto

someone has a browser history that needs to be deleted

Ash Eff
Ash Eff

Yeah, but those ads cater to YOUR browsing patterns.

Carol Toler
Carol Toler

Wonder if they found my brown jacket from 1981...

John Rhine
John Rhine

Maybe Chuck Berry hid it there while he was putting up cameras??

bill.streeter topcommenter

I miss Rose's awesomely snarky restaurant reviews. One of my favorite RFT writers ever. Glad to hear she's doing well and living in Canada. 

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