Pyro Potty Break: St. Charles Woman Sets Off Sprinklers At Dentist's, Blames $10,000 Water Damage On Burning Napkin

Here's the probable-cause report.

Melissa Reann Frederick Probably Cause

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Jim Funderburk
Jim Funderburk

Sometimes trying to conclude the mind of the crazy only makes you crazy. Run away from the crazy...

Le Renée
Le Renée

i know many women that light their eyeliner to make it "bleed" makes it easier to put on. I'm not sure why she would light a napkin to light the eyeliner. seems like a case of mental illness

dalediversity topcommenter

What's wrong with her hair? This is par for the course for St Charles

Tony Merklin
Tony Merklin

Hay, sounds like a Plan, Whatever Works.......

Matt Higgins
Matt Higgins

Looks like she has 'funk breath' anyway! Hope she is charged for the damage. Skank!!!

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