Did Farts Set Off Busch Stadium's Methane Detector During the 2011 World Series?

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St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson blames "off-gassing," (translation: stinky farts) for triggering one of Busch Stadium's methane detectors during the 2011 World Series.

Jenkerson speculates that White Castle or Courtesy Diner was responsible for the "raised methane levels" (translation: fartpocalypse) that developed in the photographer's pit along the third-base line.

"The camera pit is so crowded, and there are so many photographers. There's so much equipment," Jenkerson says, "And the meters are waist-high, and if someone off-gasses, it's going to take a hit."

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Was Rally Squirrel just fleeing a toxic cloud of White Castle-induced methane?

But can a fart -- or even many farts -- actually fool a device as sophisticated as a methane detector? Daily RFT reached out to Bill Hanway, a technical specialist for California-based Safety Systems Technology, a company that manufactures various industrial gas detectors.

"It seems preposterous," Hanway says. Methane, he explains, is a very light gas, and so it would dissipate almost immediately in the open air of the stadium. "They've got to be sure the methane detectors are calibrated probably," he adds.

Jenkerson concedes that other factors could have helped trip the alarm. However, the fire chief stood by his theory and suggested that the cold, damp weather made the photographer pit's collective farts reach critical density.

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We may never conclusively know who or what set off the meter two years ago, but it makes you wonder: In 2011, the Cardinals went 2-1 at the flatulence-filled Busch Stadium; this year, without those "raised methane levels," the Redbirds went 1-2. Just sayin'.

(Note: Daily RFT would like point out that the Post Dispatch first broke this story, and so all "He who smelt it" accusations should be directed that way.)

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Daniel Bramley
Daniel Bramley

It should be a crime to fart in public. I'm sick of going to concerts and getting gassed out by nasty people. Its not funny its gross. Twice in a row I was gassed out at the firebird. Once by some drunk idiot and another time by some chick who farted loud and often and had horrible body odor. Saint Louis and the midwest I guess is just a classless area filled with gross people.

Ellen Bond
Ellen Bond

Lmao!! Hotdogs, nachos, and Beer will do it everytime!

Kenneth Snyder
Kenneth Snyder

Becky Homfeld this is the RFT not the Washington Post.

Kevin Schroeder
Kevin Schroeder

I was at game four this WS and I was also at game seven in 2011. Both times I did a little crop dusting, so the results are inconclusive.


@Daniel Bramley When the need to fart occurs, I can't suppress it. Can't wait tillI vacate area. All I can do is suppress the sound and hope people will think it's you.

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