RFT Annual Halloween Joke Roundup: 2013 Edition (a.k.a. Worst Halloween Ever)

Perhaps it was the Cardinals losing the World Series the night before. Or maybe it was the off-and-on rain falling all night. But 2013's Halloween in St. Louis was a real stinker. So were the jokes.

But, hey, we can't break with tradition. As RFT has done over the past several years, below are the best trick-or-treat jokes we heard this Halloween (as told by kiddies ages four to ten).

1. What is a vampire's favorite fruit? Neck-tarine.

2. What do skeletons say before dinner? Bone-appetit.

3. Where does a vampire store his valuables? A blood bank.

4. What instrument does a skeleton play? The trom-bone.

5. Why did the superhero flush the toilet? It was his doodie.

6. What did one lawyer say to the other lawyer? We're both lawyers!

7. What's brown and sticky? A stick.

And last, but not least....

8. Why did Imo's fire David Freese? He couldn't deliver!

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Kerry Ann Colombo
Kerry Ann Colombo

We heard a boy ask "What do you call an Angel that stinks? Albert Pujols. The guy he told it to called his wife who was out of town just to tell her- lol.


The kid that told you the Freese joke should have gotten all of your candy.  And his parents should have gotten some beer, too.

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