45 Guns Ex-Judge Mike Cook Will Surrender After Pleading Guilty to Heroin Charges

Michael Cook
Former St. Clair County Judge Mike Cook pleaded guilty to federal guns and heroin charges Friday after a friend and fellow judge died of an overdose.

Cook hopes the court will accept an 18-month jail sentence for his charges: a misdemeanor heroin possession and a felony for being a drug user in possession of firearms. (Fun fact: While being arraigned for these charges, Cook was wearing cutoff shorts and a "Bad is my middle name" t-shirt.)

As part of his plea, Cook agrees to surrender his cache of weapons, including ammunition, telescopic rifle and shotgun sights, and other accessories.

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Here's a list of Cook's arsenal, listed by the Belleville News Democrat from court documents:

  • Armalite model AR5OA1 .50-caliber bolt action rifle bearing S/N US372849

  • Boss and Company double-barreled shotgun in case, S/N 93817

  • J. Purdey and Sons double-barreled shotgun in case, S/N 17887

  • ECH090 5.7x28 caliber S/N EN20081030 (rifle)

  • Ruger LCP .380 semiautomatic handgun S/N 375-17174

  • ECH090 5.7x28-caliber AIRSOFT GUN S/N EN20081030 (rifle)

  • 12-gauge Mossberg S/N U536982 (shotgun)

  • Winchester Model101 Field, 12-gauge shotgun, S/N 13AMN01698

  • New Service .45 Colt revolver S/N 147762

  • Ruger .357 magnum GP100 revolver in case, S/N 176-57578

  • Ruger .357 LCR revolver, S/N 546-58497, with padded case

  • Ruger LCP .380 semiautomatic handgun, S/N 375-17174

  • Beretta A391 Xtrema 2, S/N AG103165 (shotgun)

  • Browning Citori 12-gauge shotgun, S/N 14998ZY131

  • Ruger 10/22 S/N 353-10720 (rifle)

  • Walther P22 .22-caliber firearm with S/N T002531 (handgun)

  • Puma PPS .22 LR firearm S/N PP000648 (rifle)

  • Microtech Small Arms Research (MSAR) STG-556 (rifle)

  • FN 5.7 (rifle)

  • North American Arms Five Shot Revolver, S/N PG2994

  • 1 Black Beretta Model 92FS, 9 MM , bearing S/N BER237248Z with paddle holster (handgun).

  • 1 Smith & Wesson BodyGuard 380 S/N EAR5007 (handgun)

  • Harrington and Richardson, model Ultra Slug, 12 gauge single shot shotgun, S/N 260715, with Bushnell scope

  • Springfield Armory, M-1, Normandy Commemorative, .30-caliber rifle, S/N 7111209

  • Springfield Armory, model XD-9, 9mm semiautomatic handgun, S/N US972282

  • USSG, model SC2010, 410 gauge single shot shotgun, S/N 10400108

  • M-1 carbine, .30-caliber semiautomatic rifle, S/N 4222316

  • Harrington and Richardson, model Ultra Slug, 20 gauge single shot shotgun, S/N CAC286155, with Nikon scope

  • Savage, model 93R17, .17HMR caliber, bolt action rifle, S/N 1737179, with BSA scope

  • Romarm, model SA/Cugir/SAR-1, 7.62 x 399-caliber semiautomatic rifle, S/N S1-84288-03

  • Smith & Wesson, model M & P 15-22, .22 LR caliber semiautomatic rifle, S/N DTX6016

  • FNH, model SCAR 16S, 5.56 x 45-caliber semiautomatic rifle, S/N LC13261

  • Norinco SKS 7.62 x 39-caliber semiautomatic rifle, S/N 22001260

  • Remington, model 742 Woodsmaster, .243-caliber semiautomatic rifle, S/N A7306293, with Tasca scope

  • Ruger over/under 20 gauge shotgun, S/N 400-25483

  • Remington, model-87 Sportsman, 20 gauge semiautomatic shotgun, S/N TL077211

  • Central Arms Co., model 94B, 20 gauge single shot shotgun, with no visible S/N

  • Winchester, model SX3, 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun, S/N 11HZM11576

  • Winchester, model SX3, 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun, S/N 11HMN10625

  • Benelli, model Super Black Eagle II, 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun, S/N U413989

  • Dan Wesson Arms, Second Amendment, .44 magnum six shot revolver, S/N 2AD027

  • Harrington and Richardson, model Ultra Slug, 12 gauge single shot shotgun, S/N 260798, with Bushnell scope

  • Henry Repeating Arms, .22-caliber lever action rifle, S/N C020202H

  • Beretta, model A.302, 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun, S/N E83368E

  • HK, model USP, .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun, S/N 22-074701

Read Cook's official plea after the jump.

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Blake Harris
Blake Harris

Did he shoot anyone? If the answer to that is no then how is this news? The real story would be why does he get the harsher punishment for exercising his rights when the crime he committed in the first place was a misdemeanor. Not trying to defend the guy, he'll probably get the 18 months because they look out for their own, if it was you or me we'd get 10 years.

Seth Kirchhoff
Seth Kirchhoff

Usually I like the RFT, but every once in a while they play the media shaping public opinion game. 1. His guns have nothing to do with his illegal drug escapades. and 2. The implication in the headline is that it's a bad thing to own guns. Disappointed in RFT this time around.

Karen Jean Fleming Drennen
Karen Jean Fleming Drennen

Wow is all I can say...!!! And say a prayer for him...!!!! And light about 50 candles for him..!


Well no wonder the justice system in Missouri is so messed up, half the judges are addicted to heroin and get paid off with guns.

Rhonda Whelan
Rhonda Whelan

Dude was ready for a zombie apocalypse with of of that.

Joan Reeves
Joan Reeves

The only Arsenal we need plays soccer.

Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker

I'm certainly no gun nut, but this just seems like a simple collection of typical, non assault style guns. Some of them are even airsoft guns (toys).

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