Archbishop Robert Carlson Asks to Dismiss Witness Tampering Charges in Sex Abuse Case

Archbishop Robert Carlson
St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson asked a judge to immediately dismiss a lawsuit from the family of a teenage girl who claims he failed to prevent her molestation by Father Xiu Hui "Joseph" Jiang.

Circuit Judge Chris Kunza Mennemeyer did not immediately dismiss the case, which accuses Carlson of tampering with witnesses by asking the victim's family to return hush money paid by Jiang.

The archdiocese put Jiang on administrative leave last summer after he was charged with first-degree child endangerment for allegedly fondling a teenage girl on four occasions.

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Court filings say Jiang, who was a close friend of the victim's family, offered to pay "any amount of money" to ignore the abuse, eventually leaving a $20,000 check for them on their van.

Joseph Jiang's mug shot
Carlson lived with Jiang, who was then the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica associate pastor.The family's lawsuit against Carlson says he asked for the check's return.

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Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, the oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims, says this case "expose[s] the corruption and complicity of top Catholic officials in court."

"We suspect few Catholics will understand -- or approve of -- Carlson trying to get a very recent clergy sex abuse and cover up case dismissed," the group says in a statement, "particularly that apparently has some pretty compelling evidence: text messages, phone messages, and a pending criminal case."

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This coming week, the USCCB is having its annual meeting where they elect the new president for the USA Bishops and Cardinals.  What's the likelihood that this august group will be taking up this horrific matter during the course of their meetings?

Since 2002, the Catholic faithful here in America have witnessed time and again, the duplicity, insincerity, hypocrisy and untruthful conduct, behavior and decision-making of many of the religious leaders of the dioceses and archdioceses across this country.  Over the past several months, Bishop Myers as well as Archbishop Nienstedt in Minneapolis-St. Paul have been shown, via statements, evidence, correspondence, etc., to be unable and unwilling to protect the children and young adults of the Catholic faithful in their charge.  Along with Bishop Finn in Kansas City, it is well past the time that any further consideration be given these "leaders" and push for the tough and necessary legislative proposals that will help to protect ALL children, now and in the future.  

So, for next week, the USCCB Leadership will be on display in Baltimore.  Yes, indeed, the newest oxymoron in the world of today............USCCB LEADERSHIP.

Michael Skiendzielewski

Captain     (retired)

Philadelphia Police Dept.

Sj Braun
Sj Braun

pitiful church keeps keeping on..............


It seems to me that both in this civil case and in the pending criminal case against Fr. Jiang, it will need be established what role Archbishop Carlson played in what occurred.  He would be called upon to defend himself against the charge of co-conspiracy in both instances. That being the situation, it would seem better to deal with the accusations of co-conspiracy at the first opportunity possible.  This civil trial is his first chance to do so and attempting to void the issue through legal maneuvering is not a encouraging sign.


Another stall tactic by Archbishop Carlson....This is so cruel for the victim and her family. There is basically one reason why Carlson wants to have this lawsuit dismissed. -- The truth would be exposed, and he could land himself behind bars.
He does not want this to go to trial because their secret documents could be subpoenaed and exposed, plus he doesn't ever want to have to sit on that witness stand and dare to tell the truth. The only way to get this child sex abuse stopped is to allow victims to have their day in court, Until this happens and those who are responsible are held accountable, nothing changes and children are still not safe.
Sex abuse thrives in secrecy and secret systems that allow it to continue to this day. So let's hope that anyone who may have knowledge or may have been harmed by Fr Jiang, will have the courage to come forward, get help, and contact law enforcement.
Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511.,"SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

Rhonda Whelan
Rhonda Whelan

A pedophile is still a pedophile whether he wears a Holy robe or not and needs to be held accountable and criminally tried and punished. If the higher ups are trying to cover for this behavior they too should be tried and punished. If Archbishop Carlson was asking for the return of the money because he thought paying the family off was wrong instead of letting justice take it's place, then he may be alright, but if it was taken back as part of a cover up then he should be held accountable for those actions.


*sigh* But I can't drink beer at my kid's soccer game because they want to "protect the children".


I also have a son who was a victim of priest sexual abuse from the 1980s.  He was the first victim to come forwrd against Fr. McGrath from St. Simon Parish in South County.  There were eventually approximately 30 other victims to come forward against him.  Because of the statute of limitations there was not much that could be done.  I am afraid I still do not get it.  The satute of limitations does not  remove the hurt and shame that are inflicted upon these young victims.  Some of the victims accepted small settlements - actually it was more like a slap in the face for what they had been exposed to as young children.  My son was eventually offered a settlement which he turned down because he wanted to be heard in Court.  His case eventually ended up in the Missouri Supreme Court which was turned down for being able to proceed to trial.  Surprise, surprise.  How would those judges feel if it were one of their family members.  Until the statute of limitations is removed by Missouri lawmakers there is probably not much that we can do.  I am aware that there are two bills in the legislative that have been pending.  My son is now in a long term care facility due to the harm done by this man and this church.  Amen!!!

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