As Construction Costs Mount, Book House Owner Michelle Barron Launches Kickstarter

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Barron chose her new location at 7352 Manchester to stay close to the store's roots (and customers) in St. Louis County.

Book House
It costs HOW MUCH for drywall?!
"We were trying to find something iconic, something old and historic, because that's kind of what we're known for," Barron says. "We could have moved down into the city, but we've always been the county bookstore. We didn't want to compete."

Barron is offering some clever incentives for those who donate to the Kickstarter fundraising campaign. Anyone who pledges $500 gets their own shelf in the store.

"That can be your bookshelf," Barron says. "You can choose what is carried on that shelf."

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For now, the store doesn't actually have any shelves.

"We can't put the bookshelves in until the electrical and drywall passes inspection," Barron says. "The books are still in boxes."

Book House
No book shelves in this store...yet.
If Barron gets the money she needs, she hopes to spend Thanksgiving Day with her three children unpacking the books and putting them on shelves.

To donate, find the Book House's campaign on Kickstarter.

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