4 Revealing Truths About Brett Hull Learned From His Live Chat Yesterday

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3. Brett Hull Wants to Torture the City of Buffalo for the Rest of Eternity

Editor's note: The author of this article is from Buffalo.

A fan asked Hull: Who would you most like to see the Blues square off against in the Cup Finals?

Most players would say they would like to face the best team because it would be a great challenge and honor to beat the best. Not Brett Hull. He said he'd most like to see the Blues face "The worst team in the East."

The worst team in the East happens to be the Buffalo Sabres. The Buffalo Sabres happen to be the team Hull won his first Stanley Cup against as a member of the Dallas Stars in 1999. And Hull happen to score the game 6 overtime goal that clinched the Cup for the Stars.

However, many (pretty much everybody except the Dallas Stars and Brett Hull) argue that Hull's foot was in the crease before he had possession of the puck when he scored that goal, which was against the rules at the time.

The rule was soon changed after that season. Nonetheless, not a single Buffalo Sabres fan has gotten over the emotional destruction that controversial goal caused. And if Hull had his way, he'd do it all over again to the saddest sports city in America. Until then, he's content with mocking Buffalo fans on Twitter like he did in 2011 when he tweeted the following photo with the message "New pic for all my friends in buffalo xoxo:"

Twitter/Brett Hull
Ouch, Brett. Ouch.

4. Brett Hull Really Wants to Tell His Drunken Tales with Kelly Chase

brett hull  kelly chase

Hull's friendship with former Blues teammate Kelly Chase is well-known in hockey circles and the two were known to party hard. But telling such tales probably wouldn't be a good idea during the afternoon on the Post Dispatch website, especially for the man just appointed to the very official-sounding title of "Vice President."

But you can tell he wanted to. One fan asked Hull who he had the best chemistry with as a player. Hull responded: "That's an easy question. Adam Oates on the ice. Kelly Chase off the ice."

In other words, Oates helped Hull score on the ice. Chase helped him score off the ice.

Unfortunately, when a fan asked for details, Hull said, "Not going there."

Oh, but he wanted to. You can tell he wanted to. But just couldn't. That's OK, Brett, because we'll go there for you. Here's a story about Hull's drunken Blues days with Chase from hockey writer Andy Strickland:

One night following a game Hull and Chase were ready to leave the arena but realized neither of them had driven to the rink. Hull told Chase that he would get a car and be right back Hull eventually pulled up in Head Coach Bob Berry's Jaguar. Chase was impressed that Berry allowed Hull to take his Jaguar and really didn't think much of it because Hull and Berry were very close. 

The two ended up going to a bar that night. When they were ready to leave they ran into a slight problem. As Chaser turned the key to unlock the door the key completely snapped in half and was stuck in the keyhole. It was already early in the morning and they knew it wouldn't be easy to get a locksmith at this time of the night. The door unlocked, but they didn't have a key to start the car. As they waited for the locksmith security joined the two for beers in the parking lot. Finally the locksmith rolled up around 7:00 in the morning. 

They went directly to Brentwood ice arena to attend practice. When they arrived Berry was in an absolute rage. He had filed a police report thinking his car had been stolen. Hull ended up inviting several security people from the bar to practice to get an autographed stick from Hull. About a dozen shady characters dressed in orange jackets were at practice to collect their signed sticks. Chase had no clue Hull had just taken Berry's keys off his desk without asking or telling him first. 

Party on, Brett!

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