Cardinals Trade David Freese; What Will Imo's Pizza Do Now?

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Smile and say Freese!
Now that hometown boy and third baseman David Freese is on the Los Angeles Angels roster, pizza lovers around St. Louis want to know:

Who will sell the square beyond compare?

Imo's Pizza signed a three-year contract with Freese in June for radio, print and digital spots (plus bonus free pizza for Freese), but president Margie Imo offers no clues about the company's future relationship with the all-star.

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"We have been quite pleased with our association with David," Imo says in a statement released Monday. "We wish him only the best in California. At this point, he is still under contract with Imo's, and we have made no decisions as yet about his future with us."

Freese is featured in an upcoming commercial about Imo's 50th anniversary next year, according to the St. Louis Business Journal.

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Imo's is still promoting the David Freese special: a fourteen-inch pizza for $14.

(And no, the Freese pizza can not be traded.)

When Freese was traded to the Angels, his new teammate and former Cardinal MVP Albert Pujols texted him a warm welcome, according to the Associated Press. Freese's response was a perfect reference to their 2011 World Series win:

"Remember what we did the last time we played together? Let's go try to do that again."

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jaco1175 topcommenter

Send the shit pizza chain to LA as well. No loss there.

John Klostermann
John Klostermann

Who cares. Its not good pizza on any way shape or form. And I don't understand how they make the RFT every year too. I would rather lick shit off of a rotting dead body. Than eat that crap!

Robert J. Krebsbach
Robert J. Krebsbach

Imos will survive probably do better than ever. Freese was awful in front of the camera.

Benjamin Braun
Benjamin Braun


Theirry Less
Theirry Less

still going to eat Imo's. Screw Mr Freese

Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker

You keep David Freese on the ad and say...."No matter where you go, Imo's feels like a slice of home." Cause I am pretty sure that David Freese will still like Imo's pizza even though he won't be living here in St. Louis anymore.

Bryan H Roberts
Bryan H Roberts

Hopefully they quit airing the awful David Freese commercials!!!

kangoids topcommenter

There is an escape clause in his Imo's contract that allows the company to drop him in the event of a trade, but the ads have been successful and no decision has been made so far. 

KittyLitterKing topcommenter

Another two years, and I suspect Freese will have a lot of time on his hands to shoot ads, being a pitchman, and even make the pizzas in a pinch.


I'm no marketing wizard, but you record a few spots with him coming home specifically for the pizza, or eating the pizza on the beach in California, etc.  You could run those for another year.  But will Imo's try anything creative? Likely not.

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