David Wolf Charged with Masturbating in Public Swimming Pool

Madison County Sheriff
David Wolf
In a crime that makes peeing in the pool look downright normal, an Illinois man faces three felony charges of public indecency and sexual exploitation of a child after getting caught pickling his own peter in a community-college pool Monday.

David Arnold Wolf, 57, seems to make a habit of holding his own private pool parties. Madison County Sheriff's Department says Wolf, of Bunker Hill, Illinois, has masturbated in the Lewis and Clark Community College pool 25 miles north of St. Louis at least three other times.

While Wolf has never made physical contact with other swimmers while summoning his own swimmers, children were present in the pool during his sessions, leading to the felony child-exploitation charges.

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Wolf is under arrest in the Madison County Jail, where he is held on $60,000 bond.

The Hatheway Pool at Lewis and Clark Community College is open for lap swims, family swims and aquatic fitness classes throughout the week, according to its website.

Continue reading for the full probable-cause document.

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