What St. Louis Should Call Me: Soccer Fans Pitch Ideas for Major League Team Name

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If you could choose a name for St. Louis' MLS team, what would it be?
If St. Louis were to get a Major League Soccer team, what should we name them?

That's the question we asked soccer fans at Busch Stadium last night during the Argentina v. Bosnia-Herzegovina friendly. Here are our favorite answers, with pictures of the soccer fans who gave them:

1. "We don't care as long as they play here. As long as they're from St. Louis, we'll love them."

Photos by Riverfront Times
We admire your hometown pride.

2. "Penguins? I don't know. I like penguins."

St. Louis does have a pretty great penguin exhibit at the zoo, so this one has some clout.
Jon Gitchoff for RFT
Our new St. Louis mascot?

3. "St. Louis Fleur-de-Lys."

A throwback to our French heritage -- nice.

4. "F.C. St. Louis or St. Louis F.C."

Points for clarity, but we could use a little creativity here.

5. "Dragons!"

This one is our favorite. It's a reference to the Bosnian national team, which Bosnians call the Zmaj.

What's your vote? Tell us in the comments.

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