Local Photographer "Blends" Old St. Louis With New in These Photos

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To do the project, Horton says, he found a repository of free-to-use historical photos online. He would then view the photo on his phone and try to find the same shot location.

Francis Horton

"After that, just some work in Photoshop," he says.

Not every historical photo was able to be blended with a modern one. Horton says that it wasn't always doable to find the same shot location, and sometimes there just wasn't enough resemblance between the old and the new.

"Many times an entire area has been demolished and rebuilt and no longer looks the same as it did a hundred years ago," Horton says.

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But in the historically blended photos, Horton says, the contrast is another way to view the city of St. Louis.

Francis Horton

"Really, I created the blends for other people to try to see the city the way I do. If you pay attention, you can see contrasts all over the city," he says.

Francis Horton

In addition to historically blending photos, Horton runs a website with his wife called Craves, Caves, and Graves, which is about interesting places to visit in and around St. Louis. Check it out here. You can also check out Horton's own blog at South City Hoosier..

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