6 People Who Should Take David Freese's Place as Imo's Pizza Spokesperson

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Becky, Queen of Pizza
As David Freese leaves the Cardinals to play ball with Albert Pujols in Los Angeles, Daily RFT began to wonder: Who should fill the baseball all-star's three-year contract to be the spokester for St. Louis staple Imo's Pizza?

We have a few ideas.

1. Becky, Queen of Carpets

Becky, Queen of Carpets
Since her St. Louis carpet kingdom crumbled this summer, Becky Rothman, the self-styled queen of carpets, probably doesn't have anything else to promote. We'd like to see her riding on a flying pizza, please.

2. Larry Conners

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A judge recently said former KMOV-TV (Channel 2) reporter still can't work in TV news for another year, but that's no reason to waste his on-air talent. Put him to work investigating pizza! He'll keep the place honest, and Imo's won't investigate his tax record. Plus, imagine the incredible pizza-themed rants he'd post on Facebook.

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3. Sarah Silverman

Jimmy Kimmel loves to make fun of Imo's Pizza, and who better to make fun of him back than his hilarious ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman? We know she's not a St. Louisan, but we think she'd join in on the fun, especially if it means free pizza. Kimmel has talked smack about Imo's to former Office star Jenna Fischer, comedian Judah Friedlander and uber-hottie Jon Hamm.

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