Larry Flynt Teams Up with ACLU to Halt Missouri Execution of Joseph Franklin

Larry Flynt & ACLU lawsuit.

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Joseph Franklin IS a serial killer. 

He was NEVER charged with shooting Larry Flynt. 

Joseph Franklin claimed he shot Flynt in a confession that took place many years later. Joseph Franklin may have killed as many as 20 people between 1977 -1980.

At his trial he said that "his only regret was that killing Jews was not legal."

Real "justice" would be served if the victims' families could have 10 minutes pummeling Franklin with baseball bats while he was shackled to a chair . Half-assed "pussy justice" is to cry tears about whether the execution would hurt that bastard in any way, shape, or form.

Joseph Franklin has lived a long , pleasant prison life...Thanks to the cowardice of the bleeding-hearted suckers who fear his death won't be as comfy as his life has been.

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