Limo Company Database Hacked, Credit Card Info and Sex Toy Stories Compromised

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However, there was an incident involving a limo being trashed with cheese, crackers and a sex toy:

After the vehicle returned to base we discovered that it was left in a complete mess. Slices of cheese were all over the seats, windows and the bars. On top of that, crackers were left on the floor and seats crushed by people sitting and walking all over it. We are transportation company not a restaurant and we specifically put in our terms and conditions that we do not allow any food in our limousines. Also we do not allow any sexual activities in the car and we have found sex toy while cleaning the car. We have charged your card for cleaning fee of $100 since we had to send limousine to the car wash to get it detailed after all the activities during your rental.

Krebs didn't name names -- and we're not going to either -- but Boeing has been under a lot of pressure with defense cuts lately.

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