Man Gets 4 Years for Chopping Cat to Death with Hatchet

Grieg Ragen/Facebook
Ragen, convicted cat killer, showing off his pecs.
Grieg Ragen says he was just putting Molly, an eleven-year-old calico cat, out of her misery after she got hit by a car. But the judge didn't buy that story and sentenced him to four years in prison.

The cat killing happened on May 8, 2012, the Post-Dispatch reports. According to a probable-cause statement, Ragen said he found the cat lying on the road, apparently hit by a car. And in order to end the cat's suffering, he grabbed a hatchet and chopped up Molly.

However, a veterinarian's autopsy report showed that the only injury the cat had was a severed spine - apparently from Ragen's hatchet work.

On September 26 a Jefferson County jury found Ragen guilty of felony animal abuse, a class D felony under Missouri law that is subject to a maximum penalty of four years in prison. Circuit judge Troy Cardona gave Ragen the maximum.

How does Missouri rank in severity of punishments for animal abusers? Continue reading to find out (and to watch the cutest cat video ever).

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