Mysterious Good Samaritan Returns Stolen Maltese Puppies to Lake St. Louis Petland

Petland in Lake St. Louis will still sell the two-pound puppy after its rescue, but Killmade said he'll donate the money to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

"Our wish came true, so we're going to pay it forward," he says. "We're just so excited to have her back. We're going to send that karma back into the universe."

The puppies are worth about $6,000.

The two Chicago puppies -- Casper, a two-month-old Havanese, and Hercules, a three-month-old Maltese -- will return home Tuesday.

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I'm betting the "Good Samaritan" was former Blues player Bobby Hess, her husband, probably trying to keep her out of trouble. She's a nut case for sure!

Brian Brown
Brian Brown

The guy who brought them back prob is the guy that stole them

John Davis
John Davis

Wish I knew id shake his hand happy to hear they made it back home

Jemma Misfit
Jemma Misfit

I completely agree, but who's the ding bat the brought them back?

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