Photo of the Day: Gov. Nixon Poses with His 11-Point Buck, Rifle After Hunting Trip

Gov. Nixon
Gov. Jay Nixon harvested an eleven-point buck last weekend.
Governor Jay Nixon shot an eleven-point buck in Clark County last weekend, on the opening day of firearms deer season.

Nixon, a gun owner and hunter, donated meat from the deer to local food banks and shelters through the Share the Harvest program. More than 6,000 hunters donated 318,115 pounds of venison to feeding centers last year.

Nixon battled gun-rights advocates in a tough legislative battle this year, vetoing Republican legislation that would have nullified federal gun laws and could have landed journalists in jail for publishing the names of Missouri gun owners.

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"As a gun owner and hunter, I support the Second Amendment rights of Missourians and oppose efforts to undermine them," Nixon says in a statement. "That is why, as Governor, I have enacted legislation to expand gun rights, including bills to strengthen the Castle Doctrine and to allow more Missourians to carry concealed weapons."

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