If We're Such a Soccer Town, Why Doesn't St. Louis Have a Major League Soccer Team?

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Jon Gitchoff for the Riverfront Times
For a city without a Major League Soccer team, St. Louis has hosted more than its share of international friendlies in the last six months.

A sell-out crowd of 48,263 watched Manchester City upset English Premier League powerhouse Chelsea in May, and Real Madrid, helped by playboy Cristiano Ronaldo, beat Inter Milan in front of more than 54,000 fans in August.

In two weeks, international soccer superstar Lionel Messi will lead the Argentinian national team against hometown hero Vedad Ibisevic and Bosnia-Herzegovina at Busch Stadium.

The match comes just as Major League Soccer looks to add four more teams to their rosters, leading some to wonder:

With thousands of dedicated fans who've proven their soccer cred, should St. Louis be the next MLS city?

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"St. Louis is one of those names that keeps popping up," says Bobby Hammond, director of team administration for F.C. Dallas. "I assume these friendlies are kind of test runs on what kind of fan support we're getting."

Christopher Johnson on Flickr
Lionel Messi will play with Argentina in St. Louis on November 18.
River City's biggest barrier to an MLS team? No surprise: It's money.

"At the end of the day, you still need an owner that has a lot of money, and you need a soccer-specific stadium," says Steve Pecher, a retired U.S. soccer defender and director of St. Louis Scott Gallagher youth soccer league.

Pecher and other soccer fans liken St. Louis to Seattle, where an excited fan base drove the construction of CenturyLink Field to accommodate both American football and soccer.

"If you're selling out [of tickets], especially when you're playing in Busch Stadium, certainly that shows the fan base is there, which has helped make Seattle very successful," Hammond says.

No one seems to be stepping up to fund a soccer stadium in St. Louis, especially as the city risks losing its NFL team because it can't afford millions of dollars in stadium upgrades at the Edward Jones Dome.

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adifansnet on Flickr
David Beckham wants to start an MLS team in Miami.
The comparison to Seattle is encouraging, though, since so much of soccer's appeal comes from rivalries, Hammond says. Seattle has Vancouver and Portland to pit against. St. Louis is close enough to Kansas City and Chicago to make rivalries interesting.

"I think the fan base is here, but I think it would have to be energized," says Pat Barry, executive business director at St. Louis Scott Gallagher youth soccer league. A rivalry -- or an internationally famous player -- could give St. Louis "something to rally around," he says.

If St. Louis were to go for an MLS team, the time is now. The league has 19 teams and is expanding to 24 teams, first adding NYCFC, another professional team for New York. Orlando is building a new soccer stadium, and David Beckham is recruiting in Miami, leaving two more spots.

Meet the St. Louis soccer player who'll challenge Messi and his Argentinian squad in two weeks after the jump.

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St. Louis' best comparison is... Seattle? Should probably work out a better list of comps. Related: Where's IKEA?

egolterman topcommenter

Because St. Louis is a baseball town, period. It is a town whose population is

plunging to 300,000 or lower for the first time in 200 years. And Its airport is empty.

Jim Mosley
Jim Mosley

Pilots. Play up the river boat angle.

Karen Agovino Mays
Karen Agovino Mays

St Louis Ambush!! Major Indoor Soccer League!! Already here in the Stl :)

Colin Feeney
Colin Feeney

Saint Louis City FC. And glad to see the soccer haters all pissed off--good! You need to be!

Rod Latorre
Rod Latorre

Kansas City Strikers because St. Louis won't get a team.

Richard Peitz
Richard Peitz

Humidity The St Louis Humidity some badass stuff

Paul Pittman
Paul Pittman

The Who! Because no one is going to watch them.

Katy Rose Peebels
Katy Rose Peebels

Joshua Peebels what do you think? I like Spirit of St. Louis

Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon

Hmmm...We already have The Arch Rival Roller Girls,

Jonathan J Keeney
Jonathan J Keeney

Larry Flint ballknockers. Slogan" We can use our feet to go balls deep"

Jason Brock
Jason Brock

Purple Stallions... no wait, that's what y'all wanted to name a potential nfl team before the rams came.

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