St. Louis Archdiocese Paid $10 Million in 10 Years in Clergy Abuse, Misconduct Costs

St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson
The St. Louis Archdiocese has paid $10 million in ten years in legal fees and victim payments associated with clergy misconduct, including sexual abuse, according to the church's annual financial report.

The Catholic Church in St. Louis paid $943,700 in abuse and misconduct costs in 2013, compared to $342,100 in 2012.

The costs recorded in a particular year don't necessarily come from cases filed or tried in that year, says chief financial officer Frank Chauvin.

"There is a time lag, a significant time lag, in some of these cases as to when we might get a recovery for the legal fees or payment to victims," Chauvin tells Daily RFT.

St. Louis Review
The official report of clergy misconduct costs
The church has faced several allegations of sexual abuse in the last fifteen years. In 1999, a jury awarded Henry Bachmann $1.2 million -- including nearly $500,000 in punitive damages, an unusually high figure -- after he sued priest James Gummersbach for sexual abuse. An appellate court overturned the verdict because the statute of limitations had expired.

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Bryan Kuchar was convicted in 2003 of sexually abusing a teenage boy while the priest of Assumption Catholic Church in south St. Louis County. Priest Thomas Graham was convicted in 2005 of child sex crimes, but the verdict was later overturned.

The archdiocese is still facing a lawsuit against Archbishop Robert Carlson claiming he failed to protect a girl from being abused by another priest, Father Xiu Hui "Joseph" Jiang.

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The archdiocese spent about $1 million more in payments to victims than in legal fees over the last ten years. In 2013, the church spent $395,300 in legal fees and $596,200 in victim payments.

The church has recovered about $5 million in insurance payments, mostly in reimbursement for legal fees, Chauvin says.

Because counseling fees have been recorded under clergy health-care costs since 2006, the cost is no longer included in the calculations of clergy misconduct.

The church has been publishing a ten-year table of misconduct costs since 2002.

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It is so sad the money spent on lawyers to fight the victims, is almost the same amount as the money that goes to the victims who suffer from being sexually abused by one of their clerics/employees.


The Catholic Priest could have hired St. Louis hookers for a fraction of the cost (in both money and time spent in Purgatory)!

The penchant for pedaphilia in the Catholics' clergy, and the subsequent "collection box" hush money defines that special place in Hell they will reside in for all eternity.

Father Fondler (and his ArchBishop Enabler) will forever mark a depth of perversion for our locally branded version of  "light a candle, molest a child" brand of Holier Than Thou.


The case of Fr. Jiang is a lot of money spent over nothing! Its a shame the money of Catholics was wasted this way.


@BillHannegan That is a terrible thing  say!  .You think that sexual abuse of a child,  by a  person of religious authority,is nothing?  Money being your God, I  take   it?    

There  are many names for it.  I call it  "SPIRITUAL MURDER!"     Re - think  what you said!

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