St. Louis Architect Wants to Build "New Arches" That Save the Earth and Help You Lose Weight

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Great River Turbine

Michael Jantzen

Designed to sit in a river next to a large city -- such as the Mississippi next to St. Louis -- this turbine uses the river current to produce energy while also providing a large open space for people to walk through and enjoy the view.

Michael Jantzen

Stair-Scape Cubes

Michael Jantzen

Ideally situated in a public park such as Forest Park, this stainless-steel structure is designed to be an interactive public space.

Michael Jantzen

Projects like this "are designed to encourage people to exercise and interact with each other," Jantzen says.

Michael Jantzen

There's a bonus: People's movements create electricity through what's called the "piezoelectric effect," which uses pressure to create energy.

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