St. Louis City Counselor: Don't Like Red Light Cameras? Don't Drive.

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Don't like stopping at red lights? Please don't drive, says St. Louis' city counselor.
The Missouri Court of Appeals struck down a red-light-camera ordinance in St. Louis County this week, leading St. Louis City residents to wonder what it means for them.

Patricia Hageman, the city's counselor, summed it up in a tweet as impressive for its brevity as it is for its snark:

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St. Louis' red light cameras are still operational and will likely not be as affected by the court's ruling as cities like Ellisville, Kansas City, Creve Coeur and Hazelwood since those cities punish the owners, not the drivers, of cars that run red lights.

"If you get receive a red-light-camera ticket in the city of St. Louis, then you need to pay it or contest it in court," says city spokeswoman Maggie Crane.

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Last week's ruling conflicts with previous court rulings about how red-light-camera programs should work in Missouri, and officials expect one of those cases will eventually make it up to the Missouri Supreme Court for clarification.

Since St. Louis started a red-light-camera program, violations at camera intersections have gone down by nearly two-thirds, Crane says.

Read Crane's full statement after the jump.

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