St. Louis is Safe, We Promise! 5 Steps to Making a Viral Propaganda Video

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4. The ultimate test of safety is walking to the grocery store.
"Look! No one's mugging me!"

I mean, if you can walk back and forth from the grocery store or your school in broad daylight without being mugged or attacked, you must live in paradise.

Headed to the store...

...and back from the store.

5. The ARCH! Remind your viewers with short attention spans which city you're talking about while simultaneously evoking a sense of pride and patriotism.




So while our hats are off to the St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation, the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission and the St. Louis Regional Chamber for taking on River City's unfair reputation, we must admit this video seems a bit...whitewashed.

So if you want to get a real picture behind crime in St. Louis, we suggest you start here:

And here: BBC's Crossing a St Louis street that divides communities

via BBC

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