The St. Louligans Won't Stop Until St. Louis Has an MLS Team

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If you tailgate, they will come.

There's no MLS team in St. Louis, but for the St. Louligans, a group of men and women who love soccer, getting together at soccer games around town and showing there's a strong fan base in place is one way to attract the deep-pocketed investors who have the means to bring the country's top soccer league to River City.

The official stance of the St. Louligans is to support soccer in St. Louis, which means tailgating and going to games to see the Ambush, Lions, and Fire and Ice. But according to Mitch Morice and Brad DeMunbrun, the goal is to one day tailgate in the parking lot of an MLS team -- and to have some fun and connect with other soccer fans along the way.

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"The last several teams that moved into the MLS, they started at a lower level," DeMunbrun tells Daily RFT. "And we want to create that fan base so that if and when investors come to St. Louis, they can see there's a fan base there already, they're supporting a lower-level team, and we want to get more people out to show St. Louis is ready to take that next step."

Soccer fans in St. Louis had to take a step back in 2011 when AC St. Louis, fraught with financial problems and mismanagement, was forced to dissolve after only one season. But it was during that season when the original St. Louligans met, and after AC St. Louis was no more, they vowed to keep trying to bring top-level soccer back to town.

Since then, they've made it a point to not only support the lower-level teams, but also create podcasts, frequently updated Twitter and Facebook accounts with soccer news, and even sell some merchandise to help supplement the cost of the organizing activities.

"People just jump in and do what they can," Morice says. "We don't have any dues, and we don't have any membership requirements other than show up."

Read how the St. Louligans are working behind the scenes to bring River City a USL Pro team after the jump.

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This town is full of Phony money. We need a legit Billionaire. The rumors are swirling that Tony Glavin is on the brink of BANKRUPTCY. Another potential weak owner would kill soccer in the LOU.


As a former St.Louis resident we should get a soccer team because of the long history of soccer in the St.Louis Area. Whether it's the USL Pro third division, NASL second division or Major League Soccer it doesn't matter I would drive 200 miles from Springfield MO. to St. Louis to watch Pro Soccer in St.Louis.

Joan Reeves
Joan Reeves

Oh god, whatever. I'll keep watching the European stuff.

Bradley DeMunbrun
Bradley DeMunbrun

we have more than one female member, but our membership is heavy on the male side. we'd love for you to join us and help even it out.


@Joan Reeves I rather watch MLS than the match fixing European soccer.

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