State Rep. Nick Marshall Threatens to Impeach Gov. Nixon for Allowing Gays to File Joint Taxes

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Nick Marshall, a Missouri state representative
Republican state representative Nick Marshall will try to impeach Governor Jay Nixon after he ordered the Missouri Department of Revenue to allow legally married same-sex to file joint tax returns.

Marshall says his decision is about protecting the Missouri constitution, which forbids gay marriage, and not about targeting LGBT couples.

"If Missouri were a state that allowed gay marriage, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But it's not," says Beth Peters, Marshall's legislative assistant. "What is the point of voting if however you vote is going to be circumvented [by an executive order]?"

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Marshall, who represents a county north of Kansas City, threw down the gauntlet on Facebook:

Peters says Nixon's latest executive order follows a disturbing trend of Nixon ignoring the state's constitution. She points to two other examples -- Missouri's rejection of the REAL ID act of 2005 and the release of the names of gun-permit holders to government agencies -- as times when Nixon's approach conflicted with state law.

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"This is strike three," Peters says.

Read about strikes one and two after the jump.

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