Tuffy the Clown Speaks Out: I Was Not in the Obama Mask at the Missouri State Fair

Courtesy of Perry Beam
The mask of President Barack Obama that caused so much controversy at the Missouri State Fair.
Tuffy the Clown wants his life back.

The rodeo clown's mask of President Barack Obama drew worldwide attention and criticism at the Missouri State Fair in August, but Thomas Gessling says it's time to set the record straight:

He was never the man in the mask.

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Gessling, who was banned for life from performing at Missouri rodeos after the uproar, says he'll never reveal the identity of the clown who did put on the President Obama mask that day, in order to protect him from the death threats and other backlash. Gessling has been in hiding for months.

Now, Gessling has returned to the public eye. Since dozens of copycat sites have popped up all over the Internet, he posed with a current Kansas City Star on his Facebook page before releasing a manifesto and a Change.org petition Gessling hopes will clear his name.

"Tuffy was tried and convicted in the court of public opinion without ever being given the chance to tell his side of the story," he posts online. "Not only had political correctness gone haywire, it ruined the life of a lovable rodeo clown, and no one was interested in hearing the truth about what really happened that day."

Continue reading to see Tuffy the Clown's newly released, full account of what happened.

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