Watch This, Not That: 6 Amazing St. Louis Videos and Their Terrible Counterparts

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Tree 9 Films
Don't watch this.
It's easy to lose your way in the sea of videos that is YouTube, especially when looking for videos about the Lou.

Never fear, Daily RFT readers! We're here to guide you. Check out six St. Louis YouTube videos you absolutely have to watch and their horrible, wannabe opposites:

1. Hipsters Dancing Edition If you're going to be a hipster, just embrace it. The Charleston dancers clearly love their 1920s dance moves, so we do, too. Besides, watching a couple performing aerobics in matching uniforms makes us want to tear our own eyes out. (Also, you'll be hearing from our lawyers about re-appropriating the "Best of St. Louis" title, you irritating copycats.)

Watch: I Charleston St. Louis

Not: Best of St. Louis

Best of St. Louis from Tree9 Films on Vimeo.

2. St. Louis Isn't THAT Dangerous Edition These Washington University students explain the complicated intricacies of St. Louis crime statistics in verse and without pretending like black people don't exist.

Watch: St. Louis Crime Report

Not: The Truth About St. Louis Crime

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More dancing and a look at racism in St. Louis after the jump!

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