Watch This, Not That: 6 Amazing St. Louis Videos and Their Terrible Counterparts

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5. St. Louis' Got Talent Edition Our busboys are so talented, people drive 2.5 hours just to film them set a table for four. Moody black-and-white parkour has nothing on G-Money.

Watch: Morton's of St. Louis' G-Money (best busboy ever)

Not: Goodbye St. Louis (I Love Life 2)

6. Civic Pride Porn Edition No one is going to be impressed with St. Louis because we have graffiti and Mexican food. This video gets it right the second time, filling its sequel with shots of the St. Louis Blues, the balloon race in Forest Park and gorgeous images of the Fox Theatre. Besides, anything that makes St. Louis look habitable in the winter is a miracle.

Watch: Here is St. Louis 2

Not: Here is St. Louis

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