PHOTOS: Sunday's Storm Tears Off Roofs, Rips Up Traffic Lights, Downs Trees, Cuts Power

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Allison Babka
Winds downed a traffic light at Tucker and Locust in downtown St. Louis.
St. Louis suffered wide-spread wind damage and power outages Sunday when a severe storm system tore through the city with heavy winds and hail.

More than 37,000 homes had power outages in the St. Louis area, Ameren Missouri reported.

Residents saw roof damage and uprooted trees across St. Louis, and a Wentzville school's roof was significantly damaged, according to the National Weather Service. Officials say there were no casualties in St. Louis.

Continue reading for more photos of Sunday's storm damage.

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Betty Withrow
Betty Withrow

Mother nature has one wicked sense of humor. ;P

Couch Pig
Couch Pig

better call the illegals so some rich white person can get paid from the insurance company

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