Weed, the Knockout Game and Penis Jokes: The 13 Most-Read Daily RFT Stories of 2013

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Y'all sure love when we write about ganja.
2013, you were good to us.

Cops and potheads, giant ta-tas and dick jokes, viral videos and flat-out lies -- there was more than enough news to keep the Daily RFT busy this year. We invite you on a tour of 2013 through our thirteen most-read stories of the year:

1. After 20 Years in Prison, Missouri Man Serving Life Without Parole for Marijuana Asks Governor for Clemency
Our most popular story this year was about Jeff Mizanskey, who has served twenty years of a life sentence for three non-violent marijuana offenses. With no chance of parole, his only chance of getting out is if Governor Jay Nixon grants him clemency.

Kholood Eid
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2. Jessica Howell, O'Fallon Mom, Encouraged Boyfriend To Rape Her Infant Daughter: Cops

Jessica Lynn Howell and her infant daughter.
Jessica Lynn Howell, a 25-year-old O'Fallon mother, encouraged her boyfriend to rape her infant daughter, prompting a brutal sexual assault that resulted in her four-month-old baby's death last year, police say. Howell is expected to face trial in early 2014.

3. Aliens, Fatties and Miley: Map Shows The United States According to St. Louis

We Missourians get stuck with a lot of stereotypes -- meth heads, hillbillies, storm watchers. Hanna Katee Williamson fought back with a few broad brush strokes of her own.

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