2013 St. Louis Person of the Year: Wacha, Boeing, IKEA in the Final Five

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Who had the biggest impact on St. Louis in 2013? You tell us.

Mayor Francis Slay released the top five finalists for the 2013 St. Louis Person of the Year award Thursday, although only one is actually a person.

Up for the title are rookie Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha, city-county unification group Better Together STL, long-awaited furniture retailer IKEA, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra performance at Carnegie Hall and aviation giant Boeing.

Mayor Francis Slay
Voters selected the final five nominees from Slay's list of the top 50 newsmakers of 2013, although not everyone agreed with his list.

On Slay's mini-polls website, he posts that some "cranky-pants" complained the list overlooked important people or nominated non-people for the honor. Like the annual Time magazine process, St. Louis' person of the year is about naming the person -- or business, nonprofit or other thing -- that made the biggest impact on River City this year.

Slay says the balloting for the top five spots was very close -- only a few dozen votes between fifth and eighth place in his year-end poll.

"That is certainly a lesson that Mayor Francis Slay will encourage us to remember in the campaign season," he posts on his polls site.

Immediately after the finalists were announced, Better Together STL took an early lead in the poll, followed closely by the orchestra. Voters can cast their ballot for the 2013 St. Louis Person of the Year through Thursday.

Continue reading for a breakdown of the final five.

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Shirley Maxine Hayes
Shirley Maxine Hayes

So how do I get to vote? I vote symphony hands down if I can figure out how!

George Cameron
George Cameron

As indifferent as I am to baseball, it seems that this Wacha fellow is the only one that qualifies for PERSON of the year.

Korian Woods
Korian Woods

It's me. No need to drag on the inevitable

kangoids topcommenter

Still Bob Reuter.


Benjamin Scherliss
Benjamin Scherliss

Nic Clark It's a lame-ass iPhone pic. The RFT could make a much better attempt. I'd be glad to help guys, geez.

Vince Laskowski
Vince Laskowski

Sounds like a landslide victory for the only human on the list...

Nic Clark
Nic Clark

Look at that sad-ass riverfront.

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