5 Weather Forecasts for St. Louis, And None of Them Are Good

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It's going to be a cold one, St. Louis.
Our week of frigid temperatures and frozen rain has begun, St. Louis.

Arctic winds are pushing south, bringing sleet and snow into the St. Louis area Thursday just as morning rush hour started.

Here's what the weather experts are saying.

1. Storm Alert STL

Around noon, wintry precipitation will start falling in the I-44 corridor and south, making the evening rush hour particularly hellish. Another round of snow will fall early tomorrow morning.

2. U.S. National Weather Service

Temperatures will be well below normal this week. St. Louis will be lucky to see anything above freezing.

3. Fox2Now


Our lowest temperature tonight should be around 20 degrees, far from the record of 8 degrees set in 1886.

4. KSDK-TV (Channel 5)

Most of St. Louis city is looking at two inches of wintry mix, but the I-44 corridor and south could see double that, especially this afternoon.

5. KMOV-TV (Channel 4)

Several schools are calling off classes or closing early before the storm really starts to rev up.

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Tessa Smith
Tessa Smith

They all are if you like snow like I do. ;-)

Matthew Powell
Matthew Powell

I hope everyone freaks out and treat this as if the world is about to end! Yay!

Jeff Vargo
Jeff Vargo

ooh crap don't freak out everyone!

Maurine Reynolds Richter
Maurine Reynolds Richter

Well, Jill Fredey Cooke, looks like you're going to get your wish. Keep it all down there.

Stacy Wilson
Stacy Wilson

I'm thinking about working from home tonight

Kathy McBride Thatcher
Kathy McBride Thatcher

Because there are different weather models used. Scientists input different variables into the weather models and they yield different results. Sometimes, the models are in agreement, so the forecast is pretty well-determined. However, with this storm, the models haven't been in agreement so it's very difficult to forecast accurately.

Melissa Hankins LaHay
Melissa Hankins LaHay

I have seen other forecasts for as much as 12"! Why is there always such a difference between forecasts?


@Melissa Hankins LaHay Meteorologists look at a TON of different computer models that display possibilities, and these models can vary greatly.  Also, for St. Louis specifically, we don't have the ability to test the layers of the air (via a Sounding) to get a good picture of where there may be layers of warm/cold air that change the type of precipitation that falls and cause a BIG difference in the accumulation totals.  

More details are here - http://www.swinterweather.com/2/post/2013/02/how-do-you-know-what-type-of-precipitation-will-fall-and-why-is-st-louis-different.html  

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